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Need edible print outs for your own sweet creation. We’re here to help. We offer 2 kinds of edible paper. The first is wafer paper which is more translucent and does not have a backing to remove. The dimensions of the wafer paper are 8 x 11 inches. The second option is icing sheets. This paper is opaque white and the dimensions are 8 x 10.5 inches. It does have a backing that will need to be removed before applying to your icing. For both papers, please also 1/2 inch margins when formatting your image(s).

If you are not familiar with the 2 kinds of paper, a quick google search will provide many references that can explain the difference. Or if you explain your project to us, we can make a recommendation. Actual photos always print best on wafer paper. The icing behind wafer paper should be white. 

Email us your formatted images ready for printing in either JPEG, MS word, or PDF format and we print your pages so they are waiting for you to pick up. Most times same day or next day printing is available.

Need large quantities of images/logos for cookies or cupcakes but not sure how to format them to get the most images per page. For a small fee we will format your images/logos to ultimately save you money by reducing the number of pages you may need to print.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for copyrighted property. We are simply providing the printing service. The more color contrast in your images the better it will print. It’s important to know that edible printing is not as vibrant as printing on regular paper so consider this when choosing the images you will use. We will let you know if we don’t think you image or paper design will not print very well.

We are centrally located in San Diego just up from Mission Valley in the Serra Mesa area. We also offer shipping.


Icing Sheets are $10 each.

Pricing for wafer paper:

1-5 sheets: $8 per sheet

6-10 sheets: $7 per sheet

10+ sheets: $6 per sheet

If you prefer to pay with a credit card there is a 4% processing fee added to your total.
We are happy to offer suggestions as to how best attach your paper – JUST ASK!


To get started just send an email to Please attach the pages you would like printed as well as when you need them and how many of each you need. If you need formatting be sure to include the dimensions and how many of each image you would like.

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